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Growing up in South Africa, Samantha started yoga at age 18, realising then that she needed something to help her manage stress and anxiety. Yoga became such an important part of her life that she did a basic teachers training.


After that, she went on to complete remedial yoga therapy training for working one on one and designing appropriate sequences according to an individual's particular challenges. This was a combination of the teachings of Desikachar and Swami Venkatesananda.


She enjoys sharing good ‘old-fashioned’ type yoga - slow, simple and kind to the body.


Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle formed part of the yoga training and she became passionate about learning everything she could about this ancient modality and living this knowledge in her daily life.


She worked together with a friend to establish an Ayurvedic Centre and for several years. They offered wellness retreats, Ayurvedic cooking and massage workshops and when they had an Ayurvedic doctor in residence, they offered full Pancha Karma (Ayurvedic detox) retreats.


Moving into a new cycle of life, she worked as a solicitor for several years and during this time, discovered Nonviolent Communication. She left the legal world to return to healing and well being. Together with teaching yoga, she offers workshops, training and mediation based on the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication and connection to Nature, together with her partner, Andrew.



Andrew Cowell is an accredited organisational coach supporting you with a deep presence of empathy and understanding. Andrew is passionate about helping you to create more ease in your life and your relationships.


Andrew set up Thriving Communication that supports organisations and groups to greater levels of understanding, productivity and harmony. He has a background in corporate project management, and degree in psychology and a masters of IT.