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3 ways to make the most of a lazy day and enhance your wellness along the way.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to sleep in, sit around and take a well deserved day off?

I love it when I have the opportunity to laze around and enjoy myself and I have discovered that there is a smart way to be able to enjoy the delicious decadence that a lazy day can bring whilst still taking big steps towards increasing the wellness in my life.

Here three ways that you can make your lazy days work for your body, mind and spirit!

1. Schedule some inspirational and educational videos or audios

If you love watching TV and movies then use this to your own benefit by watching inspirational videos that are about wellness and health or other topics that you want to learn more about.

If you cannot afford to buy DVD's then set up a schedule of inspiring YouTube videos. Subscribe to YouTube channels about health and wellness. Watch healthy food preparation channels, talks from people that inspire you or on topics that you would like to explore more.

Write down a list of things that interest you that you have always wanted to learn more about and spend at least a big part of your time when you are enjoying a lazy day expanding your knowledge and collecting valuable information to assist you on your wellness journey.

If you feel that you will not have the motivation to do this when you are in a lazy mood then organize your YouTube playlists and educational material when you are feeling motivated and energised so that when you feel like chilling out you will have it all ready to go at your fingertips.

Audiobooks are a great option too if you prefer not to look at a computer or TV scree. Then you can just lie back, relax and listen your way to a wider knowledge of all the positive things that there are available to you!

2. Meditation and relaxation

If you love sleeping and resting then maximize the use of this time by using part of it for meditation and guided relaxations. Meditation can be done from any position and lying down is actually one of the traditionally recommended posture for meditation in many traditions.

Utilize this time of rest for looking within, taking space from your thoughts and cultivating that deep peaceful restful space that comes from meditation. This is the space we are truly looking for when we seek to unwind (the deep peace that lies within) and once you tap into this space you will find it gives you a sense of inner rest that you will start to want to do it more and more. It is incredibly revitalizing and healing on a deep level.

Purchase guided yoga nidra relaxation cd’s or audio downloads and practice these when you feel like resting, this will recharge you and also has many other wonderful benefits like processing and releasing old emotions. Or simply lie down and practice whatever form of meditation you prefer.

Instructions on a simple Body Awareness Meditation that anyone can do can be found in my article by clicking here.

You find out more about my guided relaxation and meditation audio downloads by clicking here

3. Go on a mini retreat at your house

If you really want to get into the spirit of doing absolutely nothing and taking total rest from the world why not schedule a mini retreat at your own house or book into a retreat for a couple of days.

Turn off the phone and the computer and just be, sleep, rest, meditate and just let the stresses of your daily life go. Tune into yourself and enjoy. You will come out refreshed and uplifted and you will also cultivate a lot of self-awareness that you will bring with you back into the world

So these are my tips for making the most of a lazy day and taking every opportunity to keep pouring positivity into your life.

May the bliss be with you!

With so much love,

Katie-Rose Meehan

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