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Jenny is a dedicated Wellness and Mindfulness Mentor and specializes in cultivating mindful practices with individuals and groups helping them to be self-aware, authentic and compassionate.

Jenny’s meditation and mindfulness classes are based on clinically proven techniques and delivered in a non-religious and accessible format.

Along with her meditation and mindfulness work Jenny’s background of experience also includes ten years as a counsellor in the academic setting, working as a post-traumatic stress disorder coach and as a hospice volunteer for the Buddhist Society of Victoria. 

In Jenny’s classes individuals will gain a solid understanding of what meditation and mindfulness are, their benefits and how to practice simple techniques to increase wellbeing  and peace of mind.

In addition, participants will be encouraged to engage in short self-directed activities to enable them to practice mindfulness in daily activities.

Jenny's depth of practice and experience is reflected in her fun, accessible and interactive classes.

BA (Psych) Grad Dip(WS)Dip (Sp .Healing) Ass Dip (Welfare) CertIV (Workplace Training and Assessment) Cert Counselling  Cert (TTM) Cert (Tibetan Feng Shui)

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