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Regular practice or abhyasa is one of the keys to success in yoga.

Have a qualified yoga teacher design a home practice for you based on your individual needs, aims and interests.
Your home practice can incorporate asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, yoga nidra, chanting, mantra, nada yoga (yoga of sound) or other areas of interest.
You and your teacher will discuss which practices you would most benefit from and which practices you are interested in exploring. 
You will receive guided instruction through the practices in a personal one-on-one session and a printed, easy to follow copy of your individually designed yoga home practice that you can refer to as you practice at home.

If questions arise or you would like further support as you practice you can call or email us for guidance (included in the cost of the yoga home practice design service).

Available at our studio or your holiday accommodation or chosen venue.

Yoga home practice design costs:


$250  (personal tuition,ongoing support and printed individual class plan included in cost)



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