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The Daylesford Heart of Yoga Team

Katie Rose Meehan


Katie Rose is the owner and principal teacher at Daylesford Heart of Yoga. Through flowing movement, breath and taking rest in deep stillness she helps her students reduce stress and become more balanced, energised and positive in their lives. To read more about Katie Rose click here

Chitra Stern


Chitra has been teaching yoga for 27 years in Australia and the USA, across a wide range of settings, including group and individual classes for both adults and children, and yoga retreats, yoga for pregnancy and birthing and yoga teacher training programs. To read more about Chitra click here


Sonia Shima

Sonia delights in inspiring people to learn practices which bring
relief from their stresses and discomforts. Enabling enjoyment of greater vibrancy of health, energy, peace of mind and connection to one's authentic
self. To read more about Sonia click here


Dharma Daws

Dharma delivers classes, workshops, seminars and retreats taught in a graded, or multi-level approach that are accessible, achievable and enjoyable for all. He holds you in a safe, supportive space where you are honoured, witnessed and challenged. To read more about Dharma click here

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Anne Warmbrunn

'I would really like to help you through yoga, relax your body and mind, find some inner peace, positivity, energy, balance and harmony. "

To read more about Anne click here

Jenny Jewel Swan

In Jenny’s classes individuals will gain a solid understanding of what meditation and mindfulness are, their benefits and how to practice simple techniques to increase wellbeing  and peace of mind. To read more about Jenny click here

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