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A one-on-one meditation session gives you the opportunity to find out what style of meditation will work best for you and how you will best be able to implement meditation into your life.


Each person connects with meditation differently and not all practices work for everybody. In a one-on-one session your teacher will draw on their wide range of experience in a variety of meditation and yoga traditions to find the practices which are of most benefit to you.


Your teacher will give you guidance and knowledge so you will be able to set yourself up to be as comfortable as possible to sit for meditation.


A one off meditation class will give you all the basic skills you need to be able to begin to practice meditation at home with confidence. 


Your one-one-one meditation and relaxation session can be run at our beautiful studios or at your home, holiday accommodation or chosen venue.

Your session can include your choice of:

• Meditation
• Pranayama (breathwork)
• Relaxation training
• Postural adjustment and help to sit comfortably for meditation
• Help establishing a meditation home practice
• Ongoing advise on your meditation home practice


Choose any or all of the options above for your one-one-one session and we will devise a class plan that is perfect for you.         



One-one-one meditation sessions cost:  

30 minute class $90

45 minute class $110

60 minute class $135

90 minute class $170

To book your class or for further inquiries please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We will then create the perfect class to suit you.




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