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A class designed to enhance and celebrate connection with yourself and your beloved.  With practices tailored to suit the individual needs of each person,  you will learn and experience yoga as a couple. 


Some practices are done in active partnership,  where you are assisting each other, while others are done individually, all with the focus on heart opening,  connecting and having fun together

While content can be adjusted to suit your interests and needs, a classic couples class includes a balance of yoga postures designed to build both strength and flexibility,  guided deep relaxation,  breathing practices and meditation, as well as inspiration and guidance around how to continue practising yoga together.

We supply all yoga mats and any other equipment required on the day.

Couples class prices  


60 minutes - $155 


90 minutes -  class $190


To book your class or for further inquiries please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We will then devise a class plan to suit you.


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