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Choose from one of our themed classes below or alternatively you can allow us to tailor make a class just for your group.


 Contact us to discuss what your requirements are and we will plan a perfect class to help you achieve your goals. 



​One Hour Learn to Meditate Class 


Participants are taught to practice three simple yet powerful meditation techniques during the class.


Your teacher will also give a brief, informative talk on the far reaching benefits and effects of meditation.


Every person leaves this class with the ability to independently practice meditation in their own daily lives, even if they never take another training session.


The class is completed with a guided deep relaxation session.


1 hour (we also offer shorter meditation training sessions to fit in with your requirements)


Body Mind Spirit
A fun and easy yoga and meditation class with a focus on being in a peaceful space and nurturing the whole self.


Incorporates asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. 


30 minutes to 90 minutes











Inner Peace

A class which focuses on learning gentle yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques which bring about tranquillity, calm and inner peace.


Participants learn life changing relaxation techniques that they can add to their tool belt and use in their daily lives at work and at home.


Every person leaves the class with the ability to independently practice relaxation focused yogic  breathing techniques and meditation.


These skills can be drawn on at anytime in the workplace and in daily life to reduce stress and increase focus, positivity and happiness.


Ideal for a break in a long conference or work retreats to recharge and rejuvenate.


30 minutes to 90 minutes


​Pure Relax


A guided deep relaxation practice which brings about rest and peacefulness on a very deep level.


There is also an option to include a goal setting aspect to the practice. (Let us know beforehand if you would like this included).....


In goal setting  participants are guided to focus on a specific intention or aim of their choice and repeat it to themselves mentally when the mind is in a state of deep peace.  This is a powerful practice which brings about positive direction and transformation.


The relaxation class is done lying on the back and resting completely, It is easy, enjoyable and always receives rave reviews from participants.


Ideal as a break for long conferences and meetings to refresh and recharge.


30 mins - 1 hour 




Corporate Meditation Class Prices

 (Prices are the same whether at your accommodation or at our studio)

30 minute class $100 for one participant, plus $25 per extra participant

45 minute class $130 for one participant, plus $30 per extra participant

60 minute class $160 for one participant, plus $35 per extra participant

90 minute class $200 for one participant, plus $40 per extra participant

Discounts for large groups are available, just contact us to inquire.


To book your class or for further inquiries please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We will then devise a class plan to suit you.

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