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Melina is a certified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Student Yoga Teacher and Mother to 3 little go-getter kidlets (+ 2 gorgeous step kids). She is a member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association).

In short I'm obsessed with food....feeding my family well and the concept of kitchen medicine - good health starts with what goes in your mouth.

It has been such a journey to learn how to cook real, whole, nourishing food - there is such a lot of information out there, I've been studying and researching for years and would love to share what I have learned and unlearned along the way, helping you to attain your health goals. Also I've recently begun my teacher training in yoga....I'm sure I wont be able to resist sharing some of the pearls I come across during this foray as well.


Sonia is passionate about the power we have through yogic practices, (both
physical and meditative), to create greater well being for ourselves on all


She delights in inspiring people to learn practices which bring
relief from their stresses and discomforts. Enabling enjoyment of greater
vibrancy of health, energy, peace of mind and connection to one's authentic

Sonia has been exploring yoga and related modalities for over 25 years and
has benefited from the varied influences of numerous teachers and styles of
yoga. Her own practice and teaching has thus evolved to be a
multi-faceted alchemy, drawing from this wide base of experience.

Sonia began teaching yoga 11 years ago. She has taught in a variety of
settings from private yoga studios, community centres, schools, special
needs groups, a women's prison, private retreats, as well as in corporate
workplaces and government organizations.

Sonia believes in a yogic practice that is variable, to support an
individuals needs on any given day and context. She encourages students to
listen to and trust their own inner experience and guidance.

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