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I rowed a boat across Noosa River to my first yoga class in Tewantin, Queensland, 30 years ago as a 23 year old and loved it.


As I age, I realise more and more, that yoga is a lifelong journey, it has taken me too many internal and external places.


It led me to India in 1997 where I was able to explore and witness this ancient practice being lived by many and experienced my first 10-day Vipassana (silent meditation) retreat in Bodh Gaya, India (the town where Buddha obtained enlightenment).  


In 2019 yoga moved me to live in Rocklyn so I was able to study yoga in depth at the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram whilst I recovered from Stage IV Lymphoma.


I have been regularly teaching at the Ashram for the past two years.


I look back at my life and realise that everything happens for a reason. Life continually presents us with challenges and opportunities, at just the right time, although when we are lost in the struggles it may not feel like it. Yoga helps me through those difficult times, and to be conscious of and appreciate the flow of life.


Life is there to be lived and experienced. I get out and bushwalk regularly, ride my horses, play the piano, take my dogs to the beach, cook, garden, work, rest, play, eat, sleep, visit friends and family, play tennis and practice yoga.


I would really like to help you through yoga, relax your body and mind, find some inner peace, positivity, energy, balance and harmony.  


My classes:

·       encourage awareness of the body, mind and breath

·       are suitable for all body and ability types (including the over 50’s with little flexibility)

·       include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation

·       can be tailored to suit your individual or group needs

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