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Dharma Daws is a colourfully-lived yogi, poet, shiatsu therapist and spiritual activist who has practised yoga since 1989 and taught since 1997. Comprehensively trained & qualified in 3 lineages: Satyananda Yoga, Integral Yoga (of Swami Venkatesananda) and in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Dharma’s 21 years of extensive teaching experience draws upon, and has deep roots in a vast knowledge on all aspects of Yoga and Meditation.


For many years Dharma successfully managed various Yoga and Meditation Centres throughout Australia, South Africa, Spain, Italy and Wales  been actively involved in Yoga Teacher Training and Course Syllabuses; lived in esteemed ashrams in India to undertake advanced yogic, meditation and sannyasa training and service work; and worked extensively with health and social services, schools, workplaces, the arts sector, cultural diversity, high end buotiques; and those aspiring spiritual depth work, and the A to Z of those marginalised in society. This has bequeathed him with a deep understanding and empathy of the human condition.


Dharma delivers classes, workshops, seminars and retreats taught in a graded, or multi-level approach that are accessible, achievable and enjoyable for all. He holds you in a safe, supportive space where you are honoured, witnessed and challenged. Comfort is traded for shelter inviting a deep understanding & capacity for presence, embodiment and wonder. 


His teaching approach is warmly engaging, poetically insightful, humorous, clear and precise. An adept of eloquence and innovative language, Dharma communicates the vast art of yoga and meditation in a lyrical, refreshing inventiveness that enthuses and enlightens yoga aspirants: speaking to you of what is possible to be a human being. 


Further Dharma is a highly reputed and sought after Shiatsu Therapist and educator having been in practice for 21 years supporting the client's health and wellness needs whether that is to be deeply nourished and relaxed or to manage specific chronic and acute health conditions.


One slowly makes something worth seeing by eyes that have yet to be conceived

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