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Relationship Wellness Workshop
with Jenny Jewel Swan

Jenny's personalised workshops are available by appointment for individuals, couples and groups at our studio or at your holiday accommodation or chosen.

The Seasons of Love Workshop is perfect for:


- Couples wishing to refresh and renew their relationship and the love they      share with each other.

- Newlyweds on their honeymoon

- Hen's weekends

- Individuals or groups that would like to learn techniques to enhance their  current or future relationships. 

“A relationship is like a garden.  If it is to thrive it must be watered regularly. Special care must be given, taking into account the seasons. Similarly, to keep the magic of love alive we must understand its seasons and nurture love’s special needs.”


This workshop combines mindfulness, meditation and communication strategies drawing on insights from the ground breaking book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Gray, 1993.


Unique methods of communication for each season are offered to keep the magic alive, optimise connection, and cultivate the relationship of your dreams.  We discover how to understand women’s and men’s different communication styles and needs


What happens in The Seasons of Love Workshop?


Mindfulness with Heart

We commence the workshop with a Mindfulness exercise to guide us into our hearts.


Springtime of Love

“It is a magical time when everything seems perfect and we dance together in harmony.”


Summer of Love

“In the summer season of love, we need to nurture our partner’s needs as well as ask for and get the love we need. “


Autumn of Love

“It is a time of thanksgiving and sharing.”


Winter of Love

It is a time of deep reflection as to which direction women and men want their relationship to go next.  …”After reflecting through the winter, spring inevitably returns….and we are blessed with hope for the future, love and fulfilment”.

We conclude with a Heart Centred Guided Meditation for inviting loving kindness and compassion into our hearts for our selves, our relationships, and all our beloveds.


At the completion of the Seasons of Love Workshop you and will have an enhanced understanding of relationships, a toolkit of methods to improve communication and the ability to create the relationship you truly desire.


90 minutes


$200 for one person plus $15 per extra participant

Discounts for large groups are available, contact us to inquire


Also available in our signature combination packages including massage, yoga and meditation.

Copyright 2017 Jenny Jewel Swan

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