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The 'why' and 'how' of going organic - A step by step guide

If I had it my way I would wish that everything that you ever eat or drink will be either organic, biodynamic or wild crafted.


Because I want you to be healthy and happy!…. the most beautiful and glowing version of yourself you can be! And I know that you going organic is a big factor in making sure this happens !

How? In this article I give you a step by step guide to help make going organic easy!

Non organic produce is so laden with poisons and pesticides that I believe it is the opposite of health and wellness to put these things into your body.

The pesticides and chemicals are designed to kill the small insects that attack or eat the produce. Well inside our bodies are millions of tiny beneficial bacteria and cells that are even smaller and more fragile than the insects that the pesticides are designed to kill. And what do you think happens when we expose them to pesticides? We are killing the life in our own bodies and poisoning ourselves.

If you believe that buying organic is difficult because you live somewhere that seems to not have much organic produce available or you find the price prohibitive I recommend you do a really thorough examination of your local areas to make cure that that this is actually the case.

There may be a store close by that sells organic at a reasonable price that you weren’t aware was there or there may be a home delivery organic food box company that services your area.

A Step-by-step Action Plan to help you go organic.

The following is a list of ways for you to help you to find your local organic services. Even if you already have a place that you buy organic this list can help you source the very best produce at the most reasonable rate so take a look and see if it can help you.

Do a Google search of all the following types of stores in your area:

Health food stores

Whole food stores

Grocery stores

Supermarkets (many supermarkets now have an organic section)


Call them on the phone and ask if they stock organic produce.

Make a list of the stores that do stock organic produce and then do a little tour of each store.

Take a notebook and pen to jot down the prices of some of the items also you can compare each store in price.

While you are at each store here are the things to look for:

The quality and freshness of their organic produce

The variety and range of organic produce that they have available

The prices (particularly note down the prices at each store of the greens and fruits that you particularly enjoy as these are the ones that you will most likely be buying a lot of)

The amount of customers in the store. A busy store with lots of customers means a big turn over of produce which equals fresher produce and usually less expensive prices. Also if there are a lot of customers this may be because this store is the superior organic store in town.

The general vibe of the store and the friendliness of the staff (it’s always nice to go to a store which looks attractive and feels nice to be in, especially if you will be coming here regularly to get your green smoothie supplies!)

Check out your local area for markets and friendly neighbours with produce

If you have a local Sunday market visit and see if there are any organic produce stores there. You may find someone who has a stall selling crafts or books but who sells lemons or apples from their backyard on the side! These can often be incredibly inexpensive to purchase.

See if there are any farmers markets in your area (just Google ‘farmers markets’ in your area).

Ask around the people you know, you may find that there is someone with a lemon tree or other fruit tree with a surplus fruits or leafy greens that you could buy or barter (they may even be happy to give them to you for free).

Is organic food box delivery available in your area?

Google ‘organic food box delivery’ in your area and see what is available. You may be able to get your greens and fruit delivered each week which will save you having to spend time shopping.

Food boxes are sometimes very reasonably priced and sometimes very highly priced depending on the company so check out the prices carefully before deciding on this option. And of course check for organic certification, freshness and quality in your food boxes as well.

Once you have checked out all of these options I am sure that it is very likely you will have discovered that you have a lot of organic or wildcrafted options around you in your local area!

All that’s left to do now is stock up your kitchen and get munching!

May the bliss be with you!


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